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Custom Home Construction Scottsdale Arizona

Remodeling and Home Design

We have eliminated the lengthy, uncertain and often frustrating process of building, colorizing and landscaping a custom home. Everything you desire, everything you need, is available through Carlson Homes. Essentially, a 10 step process that is amazingly simple easy and totally enjoyable.

1. Visit with us about your plans. Let us explain in depth how we can assist with your every desire.
2. Pick your site. We will be happy to help you understand the costs that will be involved in developing your lot for your dream home.
3. Fit the home design to your site. Carlson Homes will help you position your home on your lot to take maximum advantage of views, golf course location, sun exposure and topography. If needed, we can even help you to find the perfect lot for your new home.
4. Sign a contract in a simple paperwork process. Arrange your financing or let us assist you in choosing the appropriate financing .
5. Make your interior selections with assistance from our design experts. Customize your home by choosing flooring, electrical fixtures, appliances, plumbing, cabinets, and other features that will make your home unique. Our standard items included in the purchase price of your Carlson Home are of such high quality you may not feel any need to upgrade further.
6. Meet with landscape architects and pool designers who will make sure your outdoor experience is just as satisfying as the indoor.
7. Attend a pre-construction meeting where all the details of the construction process are reviewed and each of your requests is confirmed.
8. Attend an on-site orientation just before drywall is installed. Review grading, drainage and electrical placements. Discuss the final finishes to be installed.
9. Attend a final orientation to your new home in which all-mechanical systems and operations are explained and a final quality inspection is done.
10. Move in and enjoy your gorgeous new home! Sleep well knowing you have Carlson Homes to service any needs you may have.